Emory & Henry College - Softball


The Emory & Henry Softball program began in 1995 with the support and dedication of former coach and physical education professor Eleanor Hutton and long-time philanthropist of women’s athletics at E&H, Donna Fanelli.
The facilities have undergone several changes in the past 22 years. In 2014, the team inherited the old football locker room in the John Rutledge King Center and has renovated it. 
In 2015, the program received grants from MLB’s Baseball Tomorrow Fund, the BF Foundation, and the Williams-Berry Foundation. Using these funds, the entire field was laser graded and brand new Kentucky Blue Grass was installed in the outfield. An electronic irrigation system was installed along with a new 10-foot home run fence and windscreen, and a nine-inning Nevco scoreboard. 
In 2017, the team updated their hitting facility and bullpens in addition to improvements in both dugouts. The upgrades to the practice facilities include a double batting cage with a turf floor, new hitting stations, new visitors’ bullpens and improvements to the home bullpens. The dugouts received new furniture, ceilings, a new coat of paint and new protective fencing.